All About Body Butter!!

Winter is a wonderful time to enjoy the chill weather, comfort food and holidaying 🤩!! Alas, our skin seems to give us a scare – as it turns extremely dry and flaky!! So, it is important to have a special winter care routine to keep your skin moisturised and soft. 💦

Our regular skin care regime is to cleanse, tone and moisturise (CTM). However, your moisturiser / lotion may last few hours and make your skin dry again. So, you will have to keep moisturising atleast twice or thrice a day. For people with extreme dry skin, few areas like the elbows, knees, hands and feet are more prone to dryness and need special attention. 💚

Although body lotions are moisturising, in winters you need more moisturisation and hence Body Butters is a better option. So, what exactly are body butters?!! 🧐

Well, Body butter is also a moisturiser which you leave on your skin just like a moisturising lotion or cream. However, it is a more intensive moisturiser than lotions, hence ideal for rougher skin and for extreme dryness.

Compared to body lotions, body butters carry less water and spread less. Body butters are more basic and rawer as it mainly contains ingredients like shea / cocoa butter, essential oils etc, – due to which they have a thicker texture than a lotion. 🧴

While you get many types of butter, shea butter is considered one of the best body butters for dry skin. Its rich in fatty acids, which increases the collagen production and skin elasticity. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in reducing the redness, irritations of dry skin. Its super easily absorbed by the skin and is one of the best-selling body butters. Due to its high concentration of Vitamin E, shea butter is also used as a skin lightening product. 💧

Mango butter is another super nourishing butter which protects against UV Rays. It works well to minimise dark spots and provide an even skin tone. 🥭

Cocoa butter is another popular body butter widely used. Rich in phytochemicals, cocoa butter forms a protective barrier on your skin to lock moisture and helps improve skin elasticity. 💜

Like your body lotions, the best way to use body butter is applying it just after a shower because when your skin is damp, and moisture gets sealed in easily. Body butters are also used at night-time, when your skin in repair mode and hence applying at night tends to be more effective for overnight moisturisation. 🌼

The Wellness Shop brings you these intense moisturising body butters which are pure, unrefined and natural. With no chemicals or parabens added, our body butters are safe on all skin types. 🌸

So, go ahead and enjoy an awesome winter with glowing skin!!! 🔆

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