ESSENTIAL OILS: Secret to Rekindle Your Love for Happiness

Jim Rohn once said, “ Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for the present.” Now the question is, happiness should come from within, how is someone supposed to design it? Actually, happiness is always IN us. We just need to find those tiny pleasures which bring out the best in us. So, to bring out the best in you, we have tried to manufacture some essential oils for you which might have a therapeutic effect on you. Researches have shown that these oils help your neurological muscles to harmonise and have a cooling effect on your brain cells. Also, they are helpful in easing the symptoms of stress, insomnia, depression and anxiety.

You glow differently when you are happy inside out. So, here are our best products to make your body your happy place. Let us know which one of them gave you that immense contentment.

1. EUCALYPTUS OIL: it has a woody, fresh and sweet scent. Core benefits are – relieves joint pain and muscle cramps, acts as insect repellent, cures respiratory problems like nasal congestions, a solution to your itchy scalp and improves blood circulation if used during a body massage.

2. LEMONGRASS OIL: it has a strong citrus scent. It mainly helps in preventing skin diseases and infections, controls cold and cough, helps in reducing inflammation, controls your body odour when used regularly, used as a refreshing agent for rooms.

3. ROSEMARY OIL: it specializes in treatment of hair-related problems. Problems like hair fall, premature baldness and prevent dandruff. Also, cures joint inflammation, relieves stress and improves blood circulation.

4. TEA TREE OIL: it cures blemishes and acnes without any redness and irritation. Also, treats skin rashes and pigmentations. Improves hair growth and prevents dandruff when used with some regular oil.

5. LAVENDER OIL: it refreshes your body with its sweet and floral fragrance when it becomes a part of your bathing regime. Just a few drops of this oil to your bath water can change your whole experience. Also, it treats acne scars, can be used as a room freshener and as a hair serum.

Hence, a few drops of these oils in bath water can change your bathing lifestyle and a few drops on your skin can resolve your acne problems. Few drops in your regular oil can give you a better massage experience and a few drops can change the scent of your living room. We have tried to sum up all the features of these oils so that it becomes easier for you to have a great understanding of these products. Now it’s your call to see which product you want to try first. You can use a blend of two-three oils to give a new flavour to your gloomy mood. Believe me or not, it is kind of a package deal here. So, grab these out soon and stay tuned for more tips and keep motivating us to do better.

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