Whether it’s hot and humid summer or cucumber cold winter, whether it’s the middle of the day where the sun directly shines over your head or midnight where the moon probably asks you to sleep; having dry skin can be a little vexing and disheartening. Indeed, Google is flooded with a lot of home remedies and solutions to hydrate your skin but the question is which of them are most effective? So, to give your skin the perfect radiant glow we have listed a few tips and 100% organic products that can help your skin to restore it’s balance.

  • ROSE WATER : the pure natural rose water toner offered by the wellness shop is the first and foremost change you need in your daily lifestyle. It is naturally extracted from the roses of kannauj ( a north indian region with white soil suitable to grow roses mainly).it is 100% natural and alcohol free. It will help your skin to restore its pH balance and the changes will be evident within a week of daily usage.

  • LAVENDER WATER: the pure lavender water created by the wellness shop is not less than elixir. Lavender turns out to be a great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent which gives a cooling and refreshing effect to your skin. It is best suited for sensitive skin. It also deals with problems like skin tan and sunburn.

  • JASMINE WATER: the pure jasmine water is another brainchild of the wellness shop. As the name suggests itself, it is extracted through mogra petals using a conventional method of steam distillation so that all the nutrients of the flower stay intact. This toner helps to tighten your skin and keeps it well hydrated if used regularly.

  • VETIVER WATER: with the earthy smell of lemongrass and citronella, the pure vetiver water will do wonders to your skin. It’s like having a session of aromatherapy anytime at your place. It exfoliates the dead skin cells and tightens your skin and restores the pH balance of your skin. Also, it helps to control the acne problem of the skin.

  • KUMKUMADI TAILAM: yet another amazing invention by the wellness shop, this is an ayurvedic night serum which not only hydrates your skin but also combats different types of skin problems. It reduces dullness, removes excess oil, fights acne and wrinkles, helps with sunburn and moisturizes your skin.

  • DRINK WATER: researches have shown that drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day have far-fetched effects on your skin. It improves skin tone, reduces morning puffiness, delays premature ageing, prevents acne and most importantly it keeps your skin hydrated.

  • ALOE VERA: the properties of aloe vera shows that it has a very cool and refreshing effect on our skin. It opens up the skin pores to breathe and exfoliate the dead cells without any itchiness.
  • Hence, these are a few suggestions based on our researches which we think will turn out to be most effective for you. Greetings.

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