Face Rollers 101: Everything You Need to Know about Face Rollers( Jade & Quartz Roller)

Face Rollers 101: Everything You Need to Know about Face Rollers

Jade rollers or quartz rollers are not new to the beauty world. In ancient times, these were used by queens to retain their youth and protect their skin. And, now this has become the new hype, if you’re an instagram user you have surely come across this trendy skin care product.

 The benefits of these rollers are incredible. Hundreds of users have claimed that these stone rollers instantly reduce puffiness, vanish wrinkles , uplifts skin , smooth acne scars and what not!

These are cute beauty tools designed to enrich our morning and routine. Apart from skin care, it is believed that these gemstones bring positivity in life. such as peace, wealth, love and wisdom.

Choose the best roller for your skin :-

It has a cooling effect which soothes irritation and reduces inflammation. It is ideal to get rid of wrinkles and blemishes as it causes lymphatic drainage and increases collagen production. It grows, tightens, and raises the immunity of your skin.

This pink crystal is well known for self-love and care. It represents beauty and youth. It is responsible for reducing anxiety and stress. It repairs, heals, and increases cell renewal activity, which softens fine lines.

Scroll down to know about all benefits of using Jade/ Rose Quartz Roller.

Benefits of using face rollers:-

1) Relaxation

Facials are perfect to de-stress your skin after a hectic day. Just after your night time skin care routine roll your favorite roller over your face relax yourself. This not only gives you a better sleep , but also charges your other skin care products so that it is absorbed faster and better into your skin.

2) Reduce puffiness

Facial rollers aid lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic fluid accumulation at a single point makes skin look puffy. Rolling a jade roller helps the fluid to drain towards lymph nodes. Thus, bid goodbye to under eye puffiness and skin inflammation.

3) Improves collagen production

Face rolling improves blood circulation, making skin look fresher and brighter. It also improves collagen production.

4) Smoothes the skin

Facial roller smoothes out acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines. Having natural cooling properties it has the ability to minimize pore size, thereby keeping blackheads, white heads and pimples at bay.

5) Adds glow to the skin

As said earlier, jade roller helps to improve blood circulation, an added benefit of better blood circulation is radiant and glowing skin. Better blood circulation helps in better oxygen flow giving you clear , smooth and luminous skin.

How to use Face Rollers?

1) Face Toner

Spray any of your favourite facial mist over your face after cleansing it with cleansers.  Glide the roller all over your face and relax.

2) Serum 

Take a few drops of Kumkumadi Oil directly on your face and gently massage the product into your skin with a chilled Jade/Rose Quartz roller. Do not neglect eyes and lips

 After applying eye cream and lip balm , give a massage to your under eyes and lips with the smaller end of the roller. This is important as under eyes and skin around lips are thinner than the rest of our face.

Facial rollers can also be used on bare skin. 

Hope we are able to help you know everything about facial rollers. So are you ready to add this holy grail to your skin care routine?

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